Oasi Resort Panarea

Oasi Resort Panarea is the brand that today represents one of the most important entrepreneurial realities present on the island of Panarea, which operates in the sectors of catering, hospitality, fashion, food and services for boating.

All activities are managed directly by the owners who have always maintained a synergy between them, commercial policy that has led to success over the years.


The Oasi Resort Panarea brand is the result of over 50 years of passion, work and success achieved by the Mandarano family, one of the most famous in Panarea and who have written the history of the island. Keep on >>

Hotel Oasi

Hotel Oasi Panarea

Hotel Oasi is located in San Pietro on Panarea, in the center of the island ...

Dependance La Caletta

Dependance La Caletta Panarea

Dependance La Caletta is located 100 meters from the Hotel Oasi and the center ...

La Caletta Apartments

La Caletta house Panarea

La Caletta Apartments are located 100 meters from the Hotel Oasi and the center ...

Apartment Zeus

Zeus house Panarea

Zeus is a typical house built in the Aeolian style consists bedroom/living room ...

Houses Punta Corvo

Punta Corvo house Panarea

The Houses Punta Corvo which is divided into Bergamotto, Lemon and Mandarino ...

Villa Il Galeone

Villa Il Galeone Panarea

Villa Il Galeone, typical Aeolian style villa, located a few meters from the sea ...

Villa Rocce Rosse

Villa Rocce Rosse Panarea

Located above the sea Villa Rocce Rosse dominates the harbor of Panarea ...

Da Pina Restaurant

Da Pina Restaurant Panarea

Da Pina Restaurant can accommodate a lot of people having two large rooms ...

Da Pina Supermarket

Da Pina Supermarket Panarea

The Da Pina Supermarket, present for many years on the island and located at the port ...


A'biddikkia Panarea

A'biddikkia, the prestigious high fashion brand for women by Giovanna Mandarano ...

A Sicilianedda

A Sicilianedda Panarea

A Sicilianedda is a gift shop and typical Aeolian products located in the center ...

Albatros Marine

Albatros Marine Buoys Camp Panarea

The Albatros Marine buoys camp in Panarea, is located near the only landing of the island ...