Pina Cincotta Mandarano

The history

Pina Cincotta Mandarano
Pina Cincotta Mandarano

The Oasi Resort Panarea brand is the result of over 50 years of passion, work and success achieved by the Mandarano family, one of the most famous in Panarea and who have written the history of the island.

It all began back in 1968 when Pina Cincotta Mandarano, a tourist entrepreneur, a native of Lipari, moved to Panarea, an island she loves immensely, and opened a small restaurant at the port: La Paloma.

With only four tables on a small deck and a kitchen with a few pots but a lot of imagination in the art of the kitchen, Pina began her "adventure". So her passion has meant that, with the increase of customers, Pina could expand her business to move in the current home of the famous restaurant, Pina, in San Pietro, where it can now accommodate many people.

Her fame has crossed the boundaries not only of Italy, but also of Europe: Pina is known and appreciated all over the world.

Famous guests arrive and return from Da Pina because for them to sit down in this restaurant means to impress upon the mind the taste and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Da Pina Restaurant can accommodate a lot of people having two large rooms with beautiful lava stone tables beautifully decorated with ceramics of Santo Stefano di Camastra.

In the same site you will find the Calajunco restaurant for dinners during the summer months with its outdoor terraces lit by candles and with sea views.

Each room is furnished with items typical Aeolian: restaurant, bars and lounges, surrounded by a lush green, recalling the atmosphere of the times.

Pina over the years has also launched a well-stocked supermarket in the area of the port, other accomodations and in 2003 she founded the association Amapanarea in order to protect the island from environmental degradation, to improve its facilities and to enhance the its beauty.

The success in the hospitality of Pina is also due to and her extroverted and solar character that allowed to open also many facilities where host tourists on their trips to Panarea: Dependances delicious and Apartments located in La Caletta, the beautiful Hotel Oasi, the beautiful houses of Punta Corvo, Bergamotto, Limone and Mandarino and exclusive Villa Rocce Rosse.

Thanks to the organizational skills and the sons' passion the activities have been extended, others have been opened like the Albatros Marine buoys field and other residences like Villa Il Galeone and the Zeus apartment have been acquired.